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When Your Blade Cannot Be Sharpened

January 17, 2019

You are probably able to tell rather quickly by the quality of your clipping jobs if your dog clipper blades need to be re-sharpened. But there are some instances in which clipper blade sharpening in San Diego, CA won’t be able to restore the health of your blade, and you’ll have to replace it. Here’s a quick overview of what you should look at: Cutter teeth: The cutter is the very top blade of the blade set. The teeth are obviously the serrated part of the blade. If those teeth are broken, chipped or damaged in any way, they will... View Article

The Differences Between Various Dog Clipper Blades

January 3, 2019

There are some dog owners who occasionally like to try to groom their dogs themselves. Of course, there are a lot of special types of equipment necessary, as well as some knowhow involved in making sure you’re giving your pup a proper cut. The biggest area of confusion tends to arise in terms of which clippers should be used during the grooming process. There are many different sizes of dog clippers, and those different sizes are often meant for use on different breeds and different types of hair. This means the type of clipper you choose must both work for... View Article

Here’s Why You Need a Professional to Sharpen Your Knives

November 14, 2018

If you do a lot of cooking, you know just how important it is to have sharp knives in your kitchen at all times. But you might be stunned by how many people work with dull knives on a regular basis. Not only is this ineffective for cutting, but it’s also dangerous—dull knives can slip and cause you to cut yourself. People often do not even consider bringing their knives to a professional blade sharpener in CA, in part because they don’t always know they exist, but also because they think that they can get the same results out of... View Article

How Are Dog Groomer Blades Sharpened?

November 14, 2018

Many dogs require at least some minimal amount of grooming to keep their coats in good condition and to keep the dog in good health. While some dog breeds only need to be brushed routinely, many others must be clipped to keep clean and free of mats. Over time, your clipper blades are going to dull out, so you’ll need to sharpen them if you want to get the best possible results and avoid hurting your dog. A professional grooming blade sharpener in CA can help with this. Grooming blades can dull out for a wide variety of reasons. The... View Article

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