$2.00 per inch of blade length, with a $7.00 minimum.

Sharpening Service in San Diego, CA

Larson Medical Sharpening is a one-stop shop for all your knife sharpening needs. Our premier knife sharpening service in San Diego, CA sharpens knives, medical instruments. Trust us to return razor-sharp knives and instruments that work like new.

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Please keep in mind, we do not sharpen the following items:

  • axes
  • clipper blades
  • cuticle nippers
  • garden tools
  • hand saws
  • hatchets
  • jigsaws
  • lawn equipment
  • paper cutters
  • saw blades
  • straight razors


Fast, Convenient Service

We make sharpening your tools convenient with our many options. Mail in your order, utilize our drop off service for Knive Sharpening or opt for our mobile “on-site” services for your Medical Instruments.
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Professional Sharpening for Professional Applications

Whether you are a medical professional or a chef, you rely on sharp instruments to do your job quickly and efficiently. Dull instruments not only make your job harder, they can also cause problems for your clients. That’s why you should turn to Larson Medical Sharpening when your instruments are a little worse for wear.

We’re proud to serve a number of industries in San Diego, CA and beyond with our professional sharpening services. Our team is highly skilled in the latest sharpening techniques and offers fast and reliable service for your knives and medical instruments.


Professional Sharpening Service in San Diego, CA

When your professional knives and surgical instruments are dull, don’t hesitate to contact Larson Medical Sharpening for top-notch instrument sharpening.

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A History of Success

Larson Medical Sharpening is rooted in a history of sharpening experience and top-quality customer service. Founder Neil Larson began the company in 1980 and has served the southern California, Arizona and Nevada areas for over 40 years. Throughout the years, the skills and expertise required for excellent service have been passed down through the company, providing our team with a history of success and many long-time customers. Here are even more reasons to choose us as your go-to knife sharpener in San Diego, CA:

  • Sharp knives and medical instruments have an important role in your business. That’s why we aim to turn your order around as fast as possible, so you can continue to do your work.
  • When it comes to your knives, you need to be able to trust that the job will get done correctly. With over 40 years of experience in the field, you can be sure that we follow the absolutely best technique when we sharpen each knife that is sent to us.
  • Each surgical instrument needs to be razor-sharp to ensure the medical professional utilizing them can do their job correctly. As such, here at Larson Medical Sharpening we believe that it is important to provide exceptional sharpening services to each member of the medical industry that contacts us.

Locally -Owned and -Operated

Proudly offering professional sharpening services in the following areas:

  • San Diego
  • La Mesa
  • El Cajon
  • Santee
  • Chula Vista
  • National City
  • Imperial Beach
  • Serra Mesa
  • Linda Vista
  • Mission Valley
  • Mission Valley East
  • Hillcrest
  • North Park
  • City Heights
  • Normal Heights
  • College West
  • Grantville
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