How Are Dog Groomer Blades Sharpened?

November 14, 2018

dog grooming scissorsMany dogs require at least some minimal amount of grooming to keep their coats in good condition and to keep the dog in good health. While some dog breeds only need to be brushed routinely, many others must be clipped to keep clean and free of mats. Over time, your clipper blades are going to dull out, so you’ll need to sharpen them if you want to get the best possible results and avoid hurting your dog. A professional grooming blade sharpener in CA can help with this.

Grooming blades can dull out for a wide variety of reasons. The biggest consideration to remember is that dog hair is fairly thick (this is especially true for the fluffier, thicker-coated breeds), and even regular and proper use of the clippers is enough for those blades to get dull. Every little cut puts a tiny dent in the blade edge, so even the sharpest blades will eventually get dull with enough use.
A dog that isn’t kept clean will also have hair that dulls the blades even faster. The dirt and grime built up on an unbathed dog will dull and soften the blades much more quickly than clean hair does.

Finally, clipper blades heat up a bit and can expand during use. This means the angle of the blades will change ever so slightly while you’re using them, resulting in uneven wear and duller clippers even after only a few grooming sessions.

Sharpening the blades

How often you need to sharpen your grooming blades depends primarily on how frequently you cut your dog’s hair, and the type of cut you give. Clippers used for smaller trimming jobs, such as cutting around the feet, are going to last longer than the blades that get used for full-body cuts, obviously. In addition, professional groomers are going to need to have their blades sharpened much more often than people who do their grooming at home.

The process of sharpening the blades is actually relatively simple. Begin by thoroughly cleaning the clippers. Place them blade-down in a bowl of cleaning solution, which will break down the debris and residue on them. Once clean, remove the blades and put them on a magnetic holder. Use a grinding disc on a sturdy surface, and rub the blades with small circles along the disc. This process shaves off tiny pieces of metal along the edge of each tooth of the blade to make the edge sharp once again. Clean the blades again when done to remove the filings, and oil them for proper lubrication. You’ll be able to use the blades again once they are reattached to the clippers.

Keeping your blades sharp doesn’t just make it easier for you to groom your dog—it’s also a great way for you to prolong the blades’ lifespan. You’ll find that sharpening them, while a little more labor-intensive, is also much cheaper in the long run than having to buy new blades every time yours get dull.

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