How to Know When It’s Time to Use a Horse Clipper Blade Sharpener in San Diego, CA

June 14, 2019

Are your horse clippers delivering optimal performance? Is it time to use a horse clipper blade sharpener in San Diego, CA?

For some, it can be difficult to determine the right time to sharpen horse clippers. Fortunately, you can watch for certain red flags that will let you know this task is needed. Look for the following signs that it’s time to use a horse clipper blade sharpener in San Diego, CA and other signs that indicate different issues.


As you use your horse clippers, do they seem to get caught on the horse’s coat? Are they pulling or tugging at the horse? This is an indication that the blade is not sharp enough to perform well. If you experience this tugging, use a horse clipper blade sharpener in San Diego, CA to sharpen the clippers and restore top performance. Your horse will thank you!

Another cause of this tugging could be improper horse prep. If your horse is covered in dirt and dust, the clippers may be catching on this debris. Before you use horse clippers, be sure that your horse is clean and brushed to prepare for optimal clipping.

It’s also possible that the tugging is a result of a combination of these two conditions. If you clean your horse and still experience tugging on the clippers, you need to use a horse clipper blade sharpener in San Diego, CA.


What was the condition of your clippers the last time you stored them? If you put them away while they were damp, they may have rusted. In this case, you will need to clean, repair and sharpen them to restore them to functioning condition. Or, you may have to replace the clippers if the rust is significant.


Did you remember to properly clean and oil your clippers the last time you used them? If you put them away without completing this maintenance, the performance of the clippers will most likely be diminished. Always remember to clean and oil the clippers after each use. If you have not been maintaining the clippers well, you may need to use a horse clipper blade sharpener in San Diego, CA to get the clippers back in good shape.


With these issues in mind, use the following tips to properly maintain your horse clippers and extend their lifespan.

  • Always clean your horse before you use the clippers.
  • Use the appropriate blade for the job.
  • Clean and oil the blades after each use.
  • Allow the clippers to cool during use if they become hot.
  • Store the clippers in a clean, dry place.

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