How to Maintain Clipper Blades and Avoid Clipper Blade Repair in San Diego, CA

May 15, 2019

Proper maintenance of clipper blades is essential for quality results. Whether you’re using Andis Clippers in San Diego, CA or any other brand, you must perform regular maintenance to avoid clipper blade repair in San Diego, CA.

Fortunately, this process is fairly simple and isn’t very time consuming. With a few quick steps each time you use your blade, you can keep it in top condition and extend the lifespan of the equipment. Use the following tips to maintain your Andis Clippers in San Diego, CA.

  • Clean: How often do you clean your clipper blades? The truth is, this task should be done every time you use your clippers. Start by examining the blade area. Remove any hair and debris from around or inside the blade. Use a toothbrush to remove debris from all crevices. A wire brush or fingernail brush can also work well for this task. By removing any materials from the blade, you’ll keep the blade sharp and avoid damage that this debris can cause to the clippers.
  • Align: Before you use your clippers, make sure the blades are properly aligned. Hold the tool sideways and look down its length. Are the blades parallel with the cutter? From this angle, you shouldn’t see any teeth protruding, and the blade should be straight. If you notice any stray teeth, you need clipper blade repair in San Diego, CA. You may be able to adjust the blade into place by loosening and retightening the blade screws.
  • Oil: To ensure your clipper lasts for years to come, keep it well oiled. Each time you use it, apply some oil to the clipper. Apply a single drop on each corner of the blade, plus three drops in the middle of the blade teeth. Allow the blade to run for a few seconds before cutting hair to spread the oil evenly over the blade. If any excess oil remains, dab it away with a clean cloth. Keep in mind that too much oil will create sludge that hurts the blade’s performance, and too little oil will cause the blade to become dull and start to pull and drag.
  • Change: Proper maintenance of clippers will help you avoid replacing the clipper blade. However, this may be necessary from time to time. Often, this is due to accidental drops that damage the teeth. Always keep a spare blade on hand in case something like this occurs. Keep in mind, in these situations, you may need to seek assistance for clipper blade repair.

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