Knife Sharpening

At Larson Medical Sharpening, our experience sharpening precision instrumentation and high-caliber tools translates to unparalleled expertise. This is especially important for knife sharpening in San Diego, CA.

We’re proud to put our sharpening expertise to work for knives of all types. We preserve the integrity and balance of your knives, while restoring the edge and honing the knife. The result is a cleaner cut and a safer, longer-lasting edge.

knife sharpening

Affordable Knife Sharpening

There are many services that charge outrageous prices for blade sharpening. We want you to get the full value of your knife, which is why we charge only $1.50 per inch of blade length, with a $6.50 minimum.

Don’t confuse affordability for cheapness, though! We promise precision results, a sharp edge and a knife that cuts cleanly.


Proper Sharpening Technique

It’s important to trust an experienced knife sharpener in San Diego, CA. Inexperienced sharpeners can do more harm than good to your blade, compromising the integrity of the knife or damaging the blade itself. We use only proven, practiced techniques to carefully restore the edge to your knives.

We sharpen, hone and polish knives—count on us to use broad, smooth strokes to sharpen with care and precision.

All Types of Knives

Our blade sharpening services extend to all types of knives from various professions. We frequently work with chef’s knives, as well as outdoor knives, household kitchen knives and other professional-grade knives. Rest assured your knife is in good hands.

Call us for Knife Sharpening

Because sharpening equipment is not mobile, Knives must be dropped-off at the Larson Medical Sharpening location to restore the edge to your most frequently-used knives. Please call to Larson Medical Sharpening today to learn more about our capabilities or to inquire about sharpening for your knives, and to discuss the drop-off location.

We promise to care for your knives with integrity, and return them to you with an edge that’s as sharp as new

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