Hi Neil,
Finally had occasion to use the double K clippers you repaired yesterday. These are NOT my clippers! Even when new these clippers NEVER ran so smooth nor cut so well. I am really excited about using them, I just need more than one horse to clip! There’s about 20 pasture horses a few miles away; now if I can only get a portable generator, I’m in business! Thanks so much. Your repairs are above and beyond new. I’m really impressed.
Saralyn Delk

Dear Neil:
Thank you for doing such a nice job on my clippers. You are great. I will let you know if I have any problems, but certainly feel much more confident about my next body clip( which will be Justin, my yearling mule, who will be in Hater mule days, my 25 yr. old pony Reba who has about 8 inches of hair on her). I really must take a before and after photo.
Cheryl Mureau

Thank you for your great service for the last 18 years that I’ve known you. You have always been dependable & your sharpening of my blades & sissors has been superb! I hope you stay around forever.
Barbara Naddy
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