Welcome to Larson Sharpening Service

Offering Professional Hands on Experience.  We take PRIDE in what we sharpen!

Larson Sharpening Service is a sharpening and repair business. We are 100% devoted to serving dog groomers, Veterinarians, beauty salons, horse ranches and other medical fields with their sharpening and repair needs.  We also offer sharpening services for Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Research Labs and other related medical fields.

Our services include mail order, drop off, and mobile service for:

  • Medical doctors, dermatologists, plastic surgeons
  • Clipper blades – most all sizes
  • Scissors/shears – hair stylist, barber, dog groomer, and household
  • Knives – kitchen, household, hunting, fishing
  • Clipper repair – most brands of human, small animal and large animal
  • Sales of Andis professional clippers and Andis clipper blades
  • Surgical instruments for the medical field and Veterinarians
Our History:

Larson Sharpening Service has been a family owned sharpening and repair business since 1954 when Ray and Elliott Larson, two brothers, started their mobile sharpening business in Southern California and Arizona.  They quickly expanded into Nevada and Texas and became widely known for their work in barber shops and veterinarian clinics, as well as the dog grooming industry.

I, Neil, grew up in the business and was taught by my dad, Elliott.  I took over parts of my dad’s business in Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada in 1980.  Over 38 years later I am still involved on a daily basis.  Since then I have trained others to work with me under my supervision and we have expanded our areas of coverage, much by mail order for those not in our immediate areas.

We separate ourselves from many other sharpeners by our ‘no compromise’ position in regard to training and customer service. By attending yearly educational seminars on sharpening, we are able to use the latest techniques with our customers to produce the best possible sharpening results.

Our vision of serving the customer is as alive today as it was when we began the business in 1980. Our commitment to you, and to all our customers, is to provide fast, accurate, courteous and professional service, and to treat you like a member of the family.